Six worst fixes for the money

Looking to help a seller — maybe put a bit of money into some improvements to raise the sale price? has a list of six that you should cross off your list. (Although, to be frank, I don’t expect many of these to be on your list in the first place.)

Of course, as a homeowner (not seller), you may want some of these, and that’s AOK. Just don’t install them thinking you’ll get it back when you sell.

  1. Home office remodel (people prefer multi-purpose rooms, not dedicated offices)
  2. Backup power generator (expensive; many buyers won’t appreciate the need or will think it bodes ill for the neighborhood)
  3. Sunroom addition (expect to recoup less than half the investment; but might be good if the house lacks a common room)
  4. Upscale master suite addition (expect to recoup about 53%, and buyers might find a home where the same thing isn’t an addition)
  5. Bathroom addition (typical cost is $22K, and buyers are likely to balk on the additional price)
  6. Upscale garage addition (typical cost: $90K+, with only a 53% recoup rate)

Instead, spend the money and time fixing more important things: Replace old fixtures, rent a storage unit to reduce clutter, strip wallpaper and repaint, get the lawn looking good, hire a cleaning service… you get the idea.

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