VA agency law changes: a quick video tour

VAR’s Jay DeBoer kicks off our special Legal Hotline Q&A videos on agency with a concise overview of what you can expect come July 1 when changes to the law go into effect. You won’t want to miss this intro to the changes, including:

  • upcoming changes to required (new) disclosure forms
  • enhanced dual agency disclosure info
  • the low-down on the written brokerage agreement requirement
  • the skinny on the mandatory Residential Standard Agency course

Look for the June/July issue of Commonwealth magazine to explain in detail all the law changes that will take effect this July 1. This issue will cover everything you need to know to be in compliance when the changes come.

A great place to start learning about agency: This page houses the growing library of resources we’re putting together for you to help you understand and comply with the law change, including a course calendar to help you plan when to take the 3-hour course.

Stay tuned for more information and videos as we come closer to July 1.

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