drivingwitho Every now and then I find something interesting but not related to real estate, but that I think deserves sharing. Here’s one:

A math professor at Drexel University just received a patent for an automobile side-view mirror that eliminates the blind spot and gives a much wider view. (A typical side-view mirror has a field of view of about 15-17 degrees. Andrew Hicks’s mirror shows 45 degrees.)

Now, you may think that this isn’t new — curved mirrors that show a lot have been around forever. What makes this stand out is that it doesn’t distort the image. There’s no “Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear.”

In fact, US law does not (yet) allow cars to be made with a curved mirror on the driver’s side, although they can be on the passenger side with the “…Closer Than They Appear” warning. But the driver’s side mirror can be replaced after market once Hick’s mirror is available.