Realtors are moderately trustworthy

The good news: Real estate agents are more trustworthy than Members of Congress, telemarketers, and (just barely) lawyers.

The bad news: They’re less trustworthy than bankers, journalists, police officers, and high school teachers.

This comes courtesy of Gallup’s annual Honesty in Professions poll, which asks respondents to rate members of various industries for, well, honesty.

Nurses, pharmacists, and doctors have topped the list for several years, with car salesmen and members of Congress at the bottom.

Real estate agents have been in the middle, but here’s something interesting: They’re in the middle because most people (57%) rated them as “Average” — not because some people love them and some hate them.

And keep in mind that most folks only deal with Realtors every few years at best, as opposed to nurses, telemarketers, and cops.

Click here to see all the results.

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