Realtor Joe Vita of Lexington commented in another post about what kinds of numbers would be most helpful for an agent in the field

“General trends are just that, a very general indication of something,” he wrote. “As a result they offer very little value in our business practice.”

Joe made some excellent suggestions for what really matters. But before I start chasing this stuff, I’m asking you — what do you think of his suggestions? Would these be helpful? Would something be more helpful? Is something missing from the list?

  • What value ranges are/aren’t moving?
  • What percentage of total sales are REO sales?
  • What is the trend in new listings and new construction?
  • What is the trend in original list prices and eventual sales prices?
  • What is the trend in short sales?
  • What is the trend in the age, style, and neighborhood location of home sales?

Note that I’m not saying that we can or will get all this kind of info. Joe’s comment just struck me as something to follow up on with the greater audience.

Please, comment here and let me know what you think!