The “Washington” Redskins may not be much on the field, but they are — as Gov. McDonnell put it, “an economic engine for our state” … even if they play in Maryland.

Maybe Richmond will work out better for them Which is why, along with Loudoun County and the city of Richmond, the state made a $6.4 million deal to expand the Skins’ training facility in Loudoun, and to move their August training camp to Richmond.

The state is — depending on your point of view — either spending or investing $4 million over two years; Loudoun kicked in $2 million, and Richmond added $400,000.

McDonnell — who, by the way, is married to a former Redskins cheerleader — wanted to borrow $6 million by raising the limit on the state’s economic contingency account, but the House of Delegates prevented that.

Instead, McDonnell is using money from a grant program that requires the team to make certain investments and create a certain number of long-term jobs before it gets the cash.

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