Isn't he dreamy? Once again, Terry Watson will be speaking at the Real Show. If you haven’t heard of Terry, ask a colleague. It’s no exaggeration to say that he’s been one of (if not the) most popular speakers at the show. (Let’s just say he tends to attract a crowd.)

The great thing about Terry is that he’s not just an incredible speaker, he’s also a real estate expert — one of a handful of few people in the world to hold the Distinguished Real Estate Instructor title.

The great things about Terry’s classes is that they’re practical. As in, you’ll walk out with a whole list of ideas that actually work in the real world.

Trust us on this — he’s one speaker you don’t want to miss. Ask anyone who’s seen him before. They come back for more.

Register now. You’ll save money and you’ll be sure not to miss Terry Watson. What more do you need?