The 10 emptiest cities in the U.S.

Empty swings are the international symbol of abandoned places.CNBC has a slideshow listing the 10 U.S. cities with the highest housing vacancy rates.

I don’t like slide shows — why should I have to click and click and click to see a list? — and this one is particularly annoying because it takes forever to load.

So instead here’s the full list:

1. Tucson, Arizona

  • Rental vacancy rate: 15.9%
    Homeowner vacancy rate: 6.8%

2. Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Rental vacancy rate: 13.5%
    Homeowner vacancy rate: 5.2%

3. Toledo, Ohio

  • Rental vacancy rate: 19.3%
    Homeowner vacancy rate: 3.6%

4. Memphis, Tennessee

  • Rental vacancy rate: 13.5%
    Homeowner vacancy rate: 4.0%

5. Atlanta, Georgia

  • Rental vacancy rate: 11.8%
    Homeowner vacancy rate: 5.4%

6. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Rental vacancy rate: 13%
    Homeowner vacancy rate: 3.9%

7. Dayton, Ohio

  • Rental vacancy rate: 10.7%
    Homeowner vacancy rate: 4.7%

8. Detroit, Michigan

  • Rental vacancy rate: 17.2%
    Homeowner vacancy rate: 2.4%

9. Houston, Texas

  • Rental vacancy rate: 17.4%
    Homeowner vacancy rate: 2.3%

10. Kansas City, Missouri

  • Rental vacancy rate: 11%
    Homeowner vacancy rate: 3.7%


My biggest surprises: That Detroit was only number 8, and that Houston was on the list. Yours?

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