Listing prices up, and rents are WAY up

Speaking of prices going up, Trulia’s price monitor for June — which looks at asking prices for homes — was up 1.7 percent over June 2011 (but only 0.3 percent if you include foreclosures). It’s also up month to month and quarter to quarter, and has risen four of the past five months.

Of course these are asking prices, so they’re as much a guide of consumer sentiment about the market as they are an indicator of actual sales prices. But if sellers are willing to ask for more, there’s a good chance buyers are seeing the same news and are willing to pay more.

Meanwhile, rents were up 5.4 percent nationwide (except for Las Vegas) from June 2011, which continues to make ownership look like a better option for a lot of folks.

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  1. CIndy Jones says:

    Trying to find a reasonably priced rental is getting harder and harder. I work with a number of incoming military personnel and the sticker shock on our rental market is staggering.

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