Quick celebrity real estate news

Partridge falls from the pear tree: David “Keith Partridge” Cassidy has lost his Florida penthouse apartment to foreclosure.

The 1970s heartthrob first received a foreclosure notice two years ago but chose to fight it, claiming “the bank couldn’t prove it owned the mortgage for the 34th-floor apartment” and calling the  loan “predatory.”

Location, location, lo– will you please shut up! Britain’s Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle’s neighbors have filed a noise complaint against her, “for singing at all hours of the night, a situation they describe as ‘unbearable.’

The neighbors … say that Boyle, who has sold more than 14 million albums, spends hours belting out covers of ‘Wild Horses,’ ‘Unchained Melody’ and ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ while playing excessively loud music repeatedly.

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