image Virginia Realtor and blogger extraordinaire Heather Elias of Loudoun County is moving to NAR — suspending her real estate practice to serve as the organization’s director of social business practice.

NAR says she’ll “develop strategies to help NAR’s departments use social media to address members’ business needs.”

Heather says she’ll “help oversee NAR’s social media policies, strategies, and guidelines across the organization.”

It’s a role for which I think I’m uniquely suited, and I am very much looking forward to the opportunity and the challenge.

Heather has been in real estate for eight years, but has been a VAR volunteer most of that time — it’s not doing her justice to say she’s committed to the industry. We’ll miss her, but we know we’ll be seeing lots more of her. Mazel tov, Godspeed, break a leg, fly straight, good hunting… you get the picture.