Homebuilders to rally for homeownership

The local, state, and national Home Builders Associations are rallying around a cause near and dear to Realtors®: homeownership. From the HBAV:

Local economies have suffered from the slowdown in home construction. Home buyers and owners face difficulties getting access to affordable mortgage loans and avoiding foreclosure in today’s economy. What’s worse, policy-makers are considering policy changes or inaction that could threaten the real estate recovery.

The home builders are inviting Virginia Realtors® to rally with them to send the message to elected officials to:

  • Protect the mortgage interest deduction (MID)
  • Guarantee credit-worthy consumers and small businesses the opportunity to obtain mortgage loans
  • Resolve the foreclosure crisis

There’s a Richmond rally coming up October 11, 2012. Check out the website for more information on this initiative.

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