How do you measure your real estate success?

Is your real estate success (or lack thereof) due to individual effort, the marketplace, seasonality, or all of the above? Is it your website, the quality of your lead sources, or how you engage with each lead that determines how many clients you obtain and transactions you close?

Today’s competitive real estate market demands that you have an effective plan in place — one that allows you to efficiently run your business and measure results against a benchmark. If you’re a real estate agent, broker, or team leader, it’s crucial that you establish a plan now that will carry you through the current quarter and beyond.

Your midyear business plan should incorporate four fundamental elements that are key to every forward-thinking real estate professional:

  1. an integrated marketing strategy that uses both print and online media to brand you as the go-to real estate expert
  2. an eye-catching website capable of capturing and engaging motivated leads
  3. a CRM system that helps manage and respond to every prospect
  4. if you’re a broker or team leader, top-performing agents who will stay with you over the long term. Everything in your plan must work together as a unit to help you maintain a smoothly running, productive business.

Start by evaluating the performance of your business over the last year. How many leads did you generate, where did they come from, how much did they cost, and how many sales did they result in? Use these numbers to improve your marketing efforts and to help you determine the number of leads you need in order to achieve your goals for the remainder of 2012. Write your plan out and break it down into small, achievable, milestones.

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