Murder of Fredericksburg association’s president raises RPAC funds

He's dead, Pat. You wouldn’t think having your association’s president killed would be a good way to raise money, but that’s just what the folks at the Fredericksburg association did.

FAAR president Chip Taylor was poisoned at a country club dinner fundraiser, and the ensuing investigation netted the association more than $4,000 in RPAC contributions.

Using a $1,200 fundraising grant from NAR, the association hired Afton-based murder mystery theater group Murder is a Game to script the fictional demise of Taylor. (Yes, yes, it was fiction. We wouldn’t be this flippant if he was really killed by a poisoned rhododendron!)

FAAR sold tickets to the murder mystery evening for $45 a pop (although it was free for major RPAC donors), and more than 100 people were there. The hors d’oeuvres and drinks took second stage to the chance to solve Taylor’s murder. Guests took notes, searched and questioned suspects, and mulled over the evidence scattered throughout the evening.

A splendid time was had by all — well, except for Taylor maybe.

So major kudos to FAAR for finding a cool way to raise some money, have some fun … and get your president to watch his back.

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