The Realtors Land Institute is presenting a webinar Wednesday, August 15 at noon, for landowners contemplating a conservation easement.

The one-hour presentation, presented by attorney John Dugdale, “will cover the goals and considerations of landowners who are contemplating a conservation easement, as well as the relationship of grantor and easement holder.”

Specific topics to be covered are

  • Uses and restrictions of conservation easements associated with interplay with wildlife and agricultural land use.
  • Determination of “conservation values” of property and interplay with wildlife and agricultural land use tax. **Note: this does not constitute tax advice.
  • Strategic conservation planning
  • Property value impacts
  • Challenges, defense and stewardship
  • Current Policy issues in land trust community, future modifications of easement and land trust innovations.

You’ve got lots of options for attending or viewing.

Attend live: $59 for Accredited Land Consultants and candidates; $89 for non-members

CD-ROM or link to recording: $79 for ALC members; $109 for non-members (add $5.95 for the CD).

Full package (live event and CD): $89 for ALC members; $129 for non-members

Click here to register.