10-second agency quiz question

Up to speed on Virginia’s new agency law? Let’s find out.


When acting as a dual agent in a transaction, which of the following are you permitted to do?


Check all that apply.

A. Help the seller set the price of the property based on “accepted and reasonable appraisals”

B. Help a potential buyer determine what inspections (e.g., general, termite, radon, etc.) should be conducted

C. Fill out paperwork (e.g., counteroffers) on behalf of the seller

D. Suggest contract terms regarding required repairs “as determined by a home inspector [licensed] in the Commonwealth of Virginia”

I’ll post the answer later today. Meanwhile, visit our Agency Center for documents, videos, and a lot more explaining the new law and what it means for how you conduct your business: VARealtor.com/agency.

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4 Responses to 10-second agency quiz question

  1. Housetrade says:

    Great concept with this post. Many agents have a lack of knowledge with certain aspects of the sales process. Greater education is required accross the industry to avoid potential pitfalls protecting realtors, buyers and sellers.

  2. The answer, by the way, is C. Dual agents are quite limited in the duties they’re allowed to perform.

  3. Martha deJarnette says:

    Yes, more 10 second quizzes, please. It makes us think! Thanks.

  4. Marsha Stowell says:

    This is great keep them coming.

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