Cindy Stackhouse wins Virginia REALTOR® of the Year Award

Prince William REALTOR Cindy Stackhouse has been named the Virginia 2012 REALTOR of the Year. Announced at VAR’s Real Show on Saturday, October 6 in Virginia Beach, and presented by 2012 VAR President Trish Szego, who said,

The REALTOR of the Year is the highest honor awarded by the Virginia Association of REALTORS. It’s awarded to outstanding real estate professionals who have, if I may quote, made ‘proven contributions to the real estate industry through both personal and professional achievement and outstanding volunteerism.’

That means someone who is more than simply successful. To be a REALTOR of the Year, you need to share that success with your profession, your peers, and your community.

The REALTOR of the Year is someone who exemplifies the best in your profession.

Cindy Stackhouse has been a longtime volunteer at the local, state, and national associations of REALTORS. She has been involved in committees and won many local and state awards, including Volunteer of the Year, Manager of the Year, and the Code of Ethics Leadership Award, in addition to serving as VAR President in 2010. Ms. Stackhouse has also been part of the VAR Honor Society for six years and is a graduate of the Virginia REALTOR Leadership Academy. She is a teacher for the GRI program as well as a Certified Ethics Instructor and faculty member of the VAR Professional Standards “Road Show”.

But this is only a short list of her achievements and contributions to the REALTOR family. Cindy has long dedicated herself to bettering the real estate profession in Virginia through ethical practice, training and mentoring others throughout the state, passionate volunteerism, and longtime support of Virginia RPAC.

We’ve made a short tribute video to Cindy, which was originally presented at the show. And, if you’re in the mood to laugh, we’ve also got a great outtake video we made just for Cindy (but she’s happy to share with you, too).

Congratulations, Cindy!


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  1. Claire Forcier-Rowe says:

    Congratulations Cindy! As my VLA Mom in 2007 – I had the opportunity to get to know you and know what a fabulous leader you are! You encourage many and have always offered help and assitance even when you didn’t have too, what a great honor for a great woman!

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