In case you weren’t aware, Election Day is coming up in less than a week. Besides the presidential contest, we’re choosing a U.S. senator, congressmen and -women, and a host of local officials.

There are (or should be) lots of issues to consider when you make your choices: political, economic, social, and so on. And there are groups you can turn to for perspective on each one.

But if real estate is what’s important to you, please check out our endorsements on We don’t rate the candidates on anything else (as we noted, there are plenty of places that do that already), but when it comes to Virginia’s real estate market, that’s the place to go for perspective.

Of course, you may not agree our picks when it comes to those other issues, and that’s A-OK. We know there are plenty of important things to think about. As a Realtor association, though, we hope you’ll consider the candidates’ impact on the housing market, and we hope you’ll look to for that information.