Yeah, it took me a moment to make sure I read that correctly. NAR’s got an offer for members: If you borrow any of NAR’s e-books from its 3,000+ book library by the end of October, you can also get the Realtor Foundations Product Bundle –material to give your clients such as “Why Rent When You Can Buy” and “What Everyone Should Know About Equal Opportunity in Housing.”

Borrow a book (free) and get some good client-facing material (free).

And the books you can borrow — they’re in standard Epub and PDF as well as Kindle formats — are actually good. They include work-related things like…

And a lot more. All you need is your NRDS number.

So basically, NAR is paying you to try out its digital library. Why not give it a shot? Go to for the details.

And don’t forget to grab and print as many copies as you want of VAR’s über-popular “Your Realtor’s Role,” (at which explains to clients exactly what you’re there to do for them.