Trudy Harsh of Fairfax wins Realtor magazine’s Good Neighbor Award

We're rooting for Trudy in more ways than oneRealtor Trudy Harsh — who we urged you to support in her bid to become a winner of Realtor magazine’s 2012 Good Neighbor Award — has won. She was named one of the five winners (out of a pool of hundreds of Realtors from across the country), and will receive a $10,000 grant for her charity and a $2,000 Lowe’s gift card.

Her charity? The Brain Foundation, which provides property management and in-home mental-illness care for people with brain damage or mental illness — people who often can’t find a place to live and be cared for.

Trudy’s daughter, Laura, developed a brain tumor when she was eight years old, and Trudy spent 30 years caring for her. That’s when she learned first-hand how difficult it is for people with brain injuries to find a place where they can live independently.

She founded the Brain Foundation, which today owns six houses that each offer home, care, and independent living to people suffering from schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, or chronic depression. Three more are in the works.

And now the Brain Foundation will have $10,000 more to work with.

Congratulations, Trudy!

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