Virginia Association of Realtors® endorses George Allen for U.S. Senate

Today George Allen received the endorsement of the Virginia Association of Realtors®.

At an endorsement event held at VAR’s Glen Allen headquarters, Allen participated in a roundtable discussion with Realtor members to hear firsthand their experience in the housing market and what they are hearing and seeing in neighborhoods throughout Virginia.

“Having you on our side is really going to matter a great deal,” Allen said. “Home ownership is very much a part of the American Dream,” he said, “and that dream is slipping away for a lot of people.”

Allen received the formal endorsement from VAR president Trish Szego of Fairfax, VAR president-elect Mary Dykstra of Roanoke, VAR vice-president Brad Boland of Reston, and Realtor Political Action Committee chairman Tom Innes of Richmond.

“Governor George Allen has been a friend to Realtors in his roles as governor of
Virginia and as a United States senator. We can be assured that he will consider and
weigh our positions on issues that affect our profession and Virginia’s homeowners,”
said Szego.

Realtors’ top interests include protecting the mortgage interest deduction, government-
sponsored enterprises such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, qualified residential mortgages, and the Federal Housing Administration.

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