The Pew Research Center has a nifty chart about what kinds of people own a second property (i.e., have “any real estate holdings, such as a second home or investment property, apart from the place where they now live”).

Some of the results are interesting:

  • 24% of homeowners say they own a second home
  • If that primary residence is worth $500,000 or more, that number jumps to 40%
  • 6% of renters also own property (but don’t live in it)
  • 36% of families earning $100,000 or more report having a second home
  • So do 6% of families earning less than $30,000
  • Urbanites are less likely to own a second home — only 13% do
  • Region doesn’t matter — the percent of second-property owners is similar across the country.

Heck, check out the graph yourself by clicking right here.