Grant deed scam from Secured Document

Hats off to the folks at “Secured Document” for creating one of the best scams I’ve seen in a while.

Beware of the scam.

The company is sending out these official-looking documents, asking for cash (in this case, $83). It looks as if you owe money, but in fact the company is just trying to sell you a “Grant Deed and Property Profile.”

Click to enlarge it.

It’s well done, for sure, and I bet people will be fooled. It’s got a fancy bar code and “DEED PROCESSING NOTICE” up top, and lots of code numbers and other fluff to make it look official. But it’s not. It’s Secured Document’s way of tricking folks out of $83. (A number that’s large enough to make Secured Document some easy cash, but small enough that many people won’t make too much of a fuss.)

In fact, at the bottom in tiny print it says that you can get your grant deed yourself from the county recorder “for up to $83” — the phrase up to meaning “less than.”

Here’s the reverse side (again, click to enbiggen):


Nice job, right? Secured Document’s got a lot of small, legalese text, another bar code, and long property code numbers. Well done… but still a scam.

The last line of the legalese tells you: “This is a solicitation; you are under no obligation to pay the amount stated.”

If you have any questions, call the company at 888-825-9291 — at least it’ll pick up the cost of your call.

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3 Responses to Grant deed scam from Secured Document

  1. Jeanette G Newton says:

    I got one of these based on a recent purchase, and I agree, it looked official and until I read the entire document I was almost fooled. When will it end? It’s really just a scam.

  2. stephen davis says:

    I just got one of these letters too. Any way we can find the name and address of the “owner” of Secured Documents? People who do this sort of thing should be brought to light.

  3. Krystal says:

    We are new home owners and didn’t know any better so we fell for the scam. Got this in the mail in Jan. sent the check out, it wasn’t cashed until 3/20 (long time to wait on cashing a check), forgot all about it and remembered today that we never got it. I started to do some investigating and realized we were scammed. So mad! Please learn from our stupidity people and don’t fall for it. Wish we would have researched about the company before sending the check in because if you search the company in Google all you find is articles about what a scam it is.

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