The “social media” bandwagon continues its relentless roll. The latest car on that train being recommended for Realtors? Pinterest.

If you know what it is, feel free to skip ahead. If not…

It’s yet another way, they say, to do that magical thing known as “increasing engagement.”

Pinterest is a site that lets you share cool (i.e., pretty, exciting, funny, etc.) images you find on the Web. If you see something you like, you “Pin it” to your Pinterest page. So maybe you love photos of mountains. Every time you see one you like on the Web, you Pin it, until your Pinterest page has lots of great mountain photos.

(You can also set up separate boards to divide your photos — e.g., “Rockies,” “Alps,” “Appalachians,” etc.)

So what? you say. The idea is that you can “follow” people who have Pinned lots of images you like. For example, you might find that Joe Schlobotnik always seems to “Pin” great pictures of pancakes. So you “follow” him, meaning his Pins will show up when you browse Pinterest in your copious free time.

tl;dr“Too long; didn’t read”: Pinterest lets you share interesting images you find online.

So what’s the point supposed to be for Realtors? Well, um…

Idea 1: Share images of your listings — create a Pinterest board for each property, or of each area you work in (e.g., “Homes in South Newton”). So maybe someone looking for something in that area will find and follow you.

Idea 2: Share images of cool things people have done with their homes — great landscaping, a particularly nice kitchen, etc.

Idea 3: Er… that’s all I’ve got.

The point is, I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot about Pinterest soon enough (if you haven’t already). It’s yet another way, they say, to do that magical thing known as “increasing engagement.”

Good luck.