Working for the Virginia Employment Commission, the Demographics & Workforce Group has developed a picture of what the state’s population will look like in 2020, 2030, and 2040. Result: Some areas will grow, others will shrink.

Projected to see the biggest population declines between now and 2040 are Lee County (-8%), Arlington County (-5%), Virginia Beach (-4%), and Alleghany County (-4%).

image What areas will grow the most? That would be Stafford County (+87%), Spotsylvania County (+80%), James City County (+59%), and Frederick County (+50%).

And the makeup of these areas will change as well, as various racial and ethnic groups make their homes in Virginia.

Sadly, the reports that are available are only in Excel format, so there isn’t a spot for easy reading of the data (yet), but numbers junkies should enjoy what’s there; click here to see those population projections.