They start young these days Are you or someone you know under 30 and planning to stay that way till at least the beginning of June? If so, you’re eligible to be one of Realtor magazine’s annual 30 Under 30 — “Rising stars in real estate,” as the magazine puts it.

To make the cut, you have to be a Realtor (duh), and 29 or younger on May 31, 2013. (If you can’t do the math, I suspect you’re automatically ineligible.) Oh, and you can’t have been a previous winner.

You have until January 15, 2013 to apply — forms are available by clicking here. You’ll need to provide information like your 2011 sales volume and transaction sides, and you can submit up to three letters of recommendation. (Heck, just go to the site if you’re interested!)

So what is the mag looking for? Glad you asked.

Several factors are considered  — business success is just one. Community and professional leadership also are important factors. We strive for balance: We want to ensure we have a diverse group of finalists in terms of business niches, gender, ethnic background, and geographic location. Finally, we look for compelling stories that bring to life innovative business strategies that have worked for you or obstacles you’ve overcome.

Out of more than 500 expected applications, the editors will narrow the choices to 75-100, which a panel of judges will review and cull so there are 50 finalists. They then choose the 30 tentative winners and vet them with state and local associations. (Hint: Be nice to us.)

So what are you whippersnappers waiting for? Get off my lawn and get applying!