Realtor complaint site is a scam

image Just in case you get one of these fake offers, here’s the sitch: The “” site is trying to scam Realtors by saying that someone has filed a complaint, and for a mere $99 that complaint can be removed.

Here’s what NAR had to say:

The site,, supposedly publishes consumer complaints about real estate agents. However, an investigation by the New Jersey association of REALTORS® showed a string of complaints against its members, all using similar phrasing. “


“…[W]hen agents who have been the subject of a complaint attempt to make contact, the site offers them the “opportunity” to pay to have the complaint and their name removed from the site…

If for some reason that isn’t clear, click here to read more over at NAR.

UPDATE: CLICK HERE to view a short video from VAR’s Blake Hegeman about this scam.

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2 Responses to Realtor complaint site is a scam

  1. CIndy Jones says:

    Is NAR working to have this site taken down?

  2. Oh, it sure is. “NAR attorneys are investigating and, if necessary, will take steps to have the site shut down.”

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