VAR supports governor’s transportation tax plan

The Virginia Association of Realtors® has announced its support for Governor Bob McDonnell’s plan to help fund transportation in Virginia.

Gov. McDonnell explains his plan to increase sales taxes and lower gas taxes Our members have asked us, as part of our ongoing political efforts, to work on issues that have a clear and direct effect on real estate. Transportation, because it has such a tremendous effect on neighborhoods, commuting, and commerce, is obviously important to our members and their clients and customers.

Roads, bridges, and public transportation are all vital to Virginia’s long-term economic growth and health. Without sufficient funding, we risk losing the foundation that has made and kept Virginia’s economy strong.

The governor’s plan is a broad-based tax solution that will not put undue burden on the real estate industry (through, for example, transfer taxes or recordation fees). Instead, it ensures the entire Commonwealth contributes to our shared transportation infrastructure.

By adding a projected $3.1 billion to VDOT’s budget over the next five years, the plan is a solid and important step. We look forward to continuing to work with Governor McDonnell and state legislators to ensure adequate transportation funding for the long term.

Will it pass? Good question. But it’s a great starting point, and we aim to use our influence in urging the General Assembly to act.

Click here to read the governor’s fact sheet about the plan (small PDF).

About Andrew Kantor

Andrew is VAR's editor and information manager, and -- lessee now -- a former reporter for the Roanoke Times, former technology columnist for USA Today, and a former magazine editor for a bunch of places. He hails from New York with stops in Connecticut, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Roanoke.
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2 Responses to VAR supports governor’s transportation tax plan

  1. john schroth says:

    This is what is wrong with the VAR and other lobby groups.
    The gas tax is a user tax,plan and simple. If you want to use Va roads you pay the tax. So do travelers on I81 and I95 from out of state. Plus it is a conservation tax.
    If the state does not raise enough money from the current gas tax,raise it. The Governors plan of increasing the sales tax will lead to less for education and other general fund services.
    Road maintenance and building should have it”s own dedicated revenue source and that is the gas tax.

  2. Scott Brunner, VAR CEO says:

    Thanks much for your feedback, John. VAR has indeed endorsed the Governor’s proposal in concept, because as we said in announcing our support, we see it as the best starting point for real action on transportation funding in Virginia in 20 years. There are an awful lot of ideas out there that you and I and others might like better, but we believe none of them have ANY chance of being passed by this General Assembly. We have no doubt that whatever the General Assembly does approve — IF something can get passed – will be much amended and perhaps improved from the Governor’s original plan. In fact, in a meeting with him earlier this week, the Governor told several of us exactly that: He expected his plan would change as it made its way through the process. But he added that we shouldn’t let the perfect become the enemy of the possible. The growing support for the governor’s proposal in general tells us that action on transportation may well be finally possible this year, and VAR aims to help in getting something passed. On this issue, an imperfect solution that can pass is better than a perfect solution that can’t.


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