New year, new forms The Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation — that’s DPOR — has released new versions of all its real estate forms applications (and other such forms). You need to begin using them immediately.

And when we say every form, we mean it — from “Salesperson License Application” to “Settlement Agent Registration Application” to “Firm Name/Address Change Form” to “Signature Authority Form” and more.

The purpose of the change, according to DPOR agency director Gordon Dixon, is to make the forms less confusing both to applicants and to staff.

“Applicants often did not know which box to check off,” he said in a letter. “And if certain blocks were not checked off, the forms would be returned  and the application process would have to start over again.”

The new forms also collect more information, such as individual and firm e-mail addresses “so we can better [communicate] with the regulants in the future,” according to Dixon.

You must begin using the new forms immediately — the Board will only accept the most recent versions; using an older one can slow down your application. So make sure the form you’re using has a date of 01/17/2013 or later. (Look in the lower-left corner.)

You can find all the new forms at