The Washington, D.C., area was once again named the #1 area for traffic in the country — that’s #1 worst area, according to the Texas Transportation Institute’s 2012 Urban Mobility Report.

How does it slow thee? Let us count the ways:

D.C. is number one in…

  • Delay Per Auto Commuter (67 hours/yr)
  • Increase in average annual delay 1982 – 2012 (49 hours)
  • Congestion Cost per Auto Commuter ($1,398/yr)
  • Excess Fuel Wasted per Auto Commuter (32 gallons/yr)
  • Least reliable travel freeway times
  • Pounds of CO2 Per Auto Commuter (631)

But don’t despair. We’re ranked second in “Delay per non-peak traveler,” third for “Commuter Stress Index, and a distant fourth for “Total Travel Delay” and “Total Congestion Cost.”

Click here to read the full Texas Transportation Institute Report.