“Dreams” – your home is your castle, so you need to defend it

DreamsBannerTowerIt’s been said that your home is your castle, and sometimes you need help defending it. NAR’s newest campaign, “Dreams,” assures consumers that NAR and Rearltors are working hard to protect the dream and reality of homeownership for our families and our future.

This ad, and others you have probably already seen, are part of the 2013 public advocacy campaign, a comprehensive media relations campaign designed to resonate with advocacy-minded audiences. Heavy advertising rotations in TV and radio, combined with NAR’s other advocacy efforts, magnifies the campaign’s impact exponentially in households all across America. NAR predicts that through almost 18,500 spots, our pro-homeownership advocacy messages will reach the average consumer a potential of 22 times via 4 billion impressions in 2013.

REALTORS®: Official sponsor of the word “home.”

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One Response to “Dreams” – your home is your castle, so you need to defend it

  1. J. Hendi says:

    Radio ad: Dreams defending the …

    The content is hideous and Way over played. I’ve grown to detest the ad and the source. You’ve done yourself a disservice!

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