Don't use thisThe British company that makes d-Con mouse and rat poisons has refused to make its product safe to be used around children, so the EPA has banned them.

That means if you use any d-Con products in a listing that you think might have a mouse problem (or, I suppose, a rat problem), you need to find an alternative. There are plenty — d-Con maker Reckitt Benckiser is the only company to refuse to comply with the safety regs.

There's your problem right there.(What are these regs? Pretty simple: Rodent poisons have to be in tamper-resistant bait stations — you can’t just sell pellets for people to spread out where kids can get them. Nothing particularly onerous.)

This is something you might want to talk to your clients about. Imagine having an open house, and a potential buyer’s kid finds some d-Con pellets. Suddenly you’re on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Don’t take chances — you have alternatives.