How many meth labs are in YOUR town?

imageTo clarify: How many known contaminated former meth lab sites are there in your area? (There are probably a bunch more unknown ones, but let’s not get into that.)

The point is, CNN has a nifty little site that shows you how many labs are/were in your neck of the woods. You should probably learn where they are, too — once a building is used to create meth, it takes a lot of work to clean it up.

One of VAR’s bills on this year’s legislative agenda — one that is likely to pass — requires disclosure if a property was once used as a meth lab.

Some areas have it easier than others. Appomattox, for example, has a single former lab; I would hope it’s known locally as “the meth house.” Others — I’m looking at you, Smyth County — have a bit more going on. (30 labs? Really?)

Click here to check out CNN’s site.

And click here for more on VAR’s 2013 legislative agenda.


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