One of the cool things about Trulia’s reports is that they’re based on what real people are doing — how much they’re asking to sell or rent their homes.

Of course, you can ask anything you want; the importance of Trulia’s Price Monitor and Rent Monitor is in measuring seller confidence — if they have it, asking prices will tick up. It’s also nice that Trulia releases these data quickly. It’s early February and the January numbers are out.

And what do those numbers say? Asking prices are up — up, up, up.

  • Up 5.9% nationwide from January 2012 to January 2013 (including foreclosure sales)
  • Take foreclosures out of the picture and asking prices are up 6.5% year to year.
  • Despite the typical winter price drop, quarter-to-quarter prices were also up — 2.2%
  • The December to January jump was 0.9%, which seems small but is one of the highest monthly increases in recent years

Click here to read the full report from Trulia, with lots of nifty charts.