Code of Ethics Centennial Quiz

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 1.31.28 PMHow well do you know your REALTOR® Code of Ethics history? Here’s a pop quiz:

  • How much was the term “Realtor” purchased for from its creator, Charles Chadbourn?
  • When was the Code modified to include gender-neutral phrasing?
  • How many languages is the Code available in?

Burning to find out the answers to these and other Code of Ethics trivia questions? Head on over the VAR’s Ethics Center to check out the Code quiz (via Slideshare PPT). Once there, you can also view and download the updated 2013 Code of Ethics, some nifty videos, and more. Look for more in the coming months on the Code of Ethics as we celebrate the Centennial Anniversary. Happy Birthday, REALTOR® Code of Ethics!

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