imageSince November 2012, an arsonist has been plaguing the Eastern Shore, setting more than 70 fires in abandoned and unoccupied buildings.

He (or they) have eluded police and are driving the local volunteer firefighters nuts — these are folks with day jobs are are often out all night fighting fires.

An Onancock Realtor is saying thank you — and while raising some awareness (and money) by selling T-shirts.

Matt Hart (owner, president, Realtor, and principal broker at the Matthew Hart Corporation) and his partner, Seth Matthews, created “Eastern Shore Arsonist Hunters, LLC” and are selling shirts with the company’s name and logo, donating the proceeds to the fire department.

So. a tip of the hat to Matt for showing how a Realtor can get involved in his community.

(Want more info on the arsonist? Click here for the Washington Post story.

And here’s a map of the fires set so far: