The good folks at DPOR are working hard to get your license paperwork processed — applications, transfers, and the like.

We’ve already given you some tips on how to speed that process; we’ve got some more info to pass on.

Don’t call DPOR and ask for the status of your license. No one there can give it to you.

Get that? The same people who process applications are answering the phones, so every minute spent explaining “I’m sorry, I can’t provide that information” means one minute fewer actually processing it.

Says Mary Broz Vaughan, director of communications, legislation, and consumer education for DPOR:

[E]ither your payment has posted (which means you’re in process or at least in the pipeline, and we are working as fast as we can!), or it hasn’t posted which means the clock hasn’t even started ticking for you yet (i.e., we haven’t received your stuff).

You can get some general information about license statuses at DPOR’s “Real Estate Board Application/License Status” site:

Right now, for example, that site says that.

  • Real Estate Board staff is currently reviewing applications received the week of March 4-8.
  • If your payment posted after March 11, your application has been received but is not yet under review.

And DPOR created a handy graphic showing the stages of a license application (click to enlarge):


We know the wait can be frustrating, and we’re continuing to work with DPOR to find ways to make the process as quick and smooth as possible. We’ll keep you updated.