Better to buy now, sell later — and more from a new Trulia survey

A new survey from Harris Interactive — on behalf of Trulia — found that people think.

A. It’ll be better to buy now than next year.

B. It’ll be better to sell next year than now.

“A” is probably true — more buyers are entering the market, and inventory is tight and getting tighter. Further, there’s no clear sign of that letting up. Still, there are foreclosures in the pipeline and plenty of REOs that might ease the inventory pressure.

“B” is harder to call. Now is a great time to sell, but if inventory stays low we could be headed into a full-fledged sellers’ market next year. so maybe it will be better. It’s going to depend on local conditions, though — what’s true for Fredericksburg won’t (necessarily) be true for Martinsville.

Behold the face of regretHere’s some more fun stuff from the survey: regrets.

Topping the list for renters is pretty obvious: 42 percent said they wished they had bought. (Assuming they had good enough credit to buy, you have to wonder why they took so long to do the math.)

Topping the list for buyers (and number two for renters): “I wish I had chosen a larger home.” Hopefully they mean “I wish I had chosen a larger home that was still within my budget.”

Trulia has the details and some analysis — go check it out.

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