Blueprint Virginia launches local briefings

IMAGE_SM_Blueprint_VALast November, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce launched Blueprint Virginia, a year long initiative to develop a strategic plan that will improve Virginia’s competitive position in the global economy and ensure a prosperous and sustainable future. Virginia Chamber President and CEO Barry DuVal has been traveling across the Commonwealth in recent months to gain valuable stakeholder input on regional economic priorities. Nearly 2,000 business and regional leaders have participated in the public hearings to discuss Virginia’s economic future and investment goals.

Interested in learning more and seeing how you can become involved in the initiative? Here are some upcoming BLUEPRINT briefings at local events in your region (links where available):

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  1. Dawn M West says:

    Agenda 21, a Global Governance

    I just read through most of this.. very interesting…

    I read through Chapters 1,2,4,7,14,25,28,34,36,37,39* & 36

    *Chapter 39 consisted of these:

    International Law Commissions, General Assembly & it’s 6th Committee & International Court of Justice

    International Law Commissions

    General Assembly & it’s 6th Committee

    International Court of Justice

    Bottom line……..

    The final goal is for our Federal and State laws will eventually be over ridden w/International law, our Country is well on it’s way with this global program & yes, there are guidelines throughout that show that those who will resist, will be “Retrained” to get in line with the global program. It is also noted that our youth will be altered w/this propaganda CRAP.. I mean sustainable re-development.

    It also appears we all will be using bicycles for transportation here soon & America, I mean.. our developed country.., and yes, we will be a big part of re-distributions w/the rest of the world….. Bring us down a peg or so, through rules/regulations, fees, charges, etc…., Through energy, technology, consumer consumptions & local Governments persuasion’s.

    Fundamentally transformation……… of America.

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