Realtors make more — 25 percent more in 2012, says NAR

Congrats on the raise.

According to NAR’s 2013 Member Profile, Realtors are doing much better this year — earning 24.6 percent more in 2012 than they did in 2011. (That’s two years in a row that Realtor’s income rose.)

Essentially, fewer Realtors + more total sales = more money for each Realtor.

Here are some specifics to mull over:

In 2012…

  • Median gross income for a Realtor was $43,500 (up from $34,900 in 2011), on a sales volume of $1.5 million, spread over 12 transaction sides.
  • Realtors with 16 years or more experience had a median gross income of $57,300.
  • Realtors with two years or fewer experience had a median gross income of
  • Property managers managed a median of 49 properties each, the highest number ever recorded.
  • The median business expenses for a Realtor were $4,900 — 37 percent of which were vehicle expenses. (Note to grammar nazis: Yeah, yeah.)
  • 24 percent of residential brokerage specialists had at least one commercial transaction side in the last year.
  • The typical agent had one transaction side involving a foreclosure and one involving a short sale.

See all the details in NAR’s 2012 Member Profile.

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One Response to Realtors make more — 25 percent more in 2012, says NAR

  1. Doug Francis says:

    This is an interesting report.

    Although I thought agents were spending more time on their web sites, this stat shows that most could care less about having a site: REALTORS® spent a median of $220 to maintain a website in 2012.

    Do you think prices are dropping? It just seems extremely low to me since 95% (or more) of consumers are using the web to conduct their home search.

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