Connect to clients with… hang gliding?

Powell goes hang gliding

Instead of sending yet another refrigerator magnet, why not take your clients hang gliding?

That’s exactly the kind of thing some Realtors are doing as a way to bond with their clients in a way that’s memorable. Extremely memorable.

Check out the New York Times story, "Here’s the Apartment; Now Let’s Go Hang Gliding."

[F]or those who make a living in this frantic field, one of the greatest challenges is distinguishing themselves from a large and aggressive pack. Some agents and brokers say the most effective way to do this is by skipping the usual client lunches and meetings over drinks, and instead finding unusual ways of spending time together.

Besides extreme sports, there are some other "unusual ways of spending time together":

Beth Benalloul, a Corcoran Group broker and former personal trainer, has often “hyperventilated” with clients in exercise classes.

Michael Mansfield of Citi Habitats has gone kayaking in the Hudson River, and Michael Rubin of CORE has tried turkey hunting. Ann Cutbill Lenane of Douglas Elliman arranges a giant scavenger hunt every other year.

So next time you’re about to send someone a tin of peanuts or a calendar, why not consider something … different?

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  1. Wow! That is certainly a mind-boggling read. Not sure if we’ll be going skydiving anytime soon, but certainly a unique tactic.

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