"Your Realtor’s Role" is one of our most popular handouts, because it’s a great piece to give to clients. It explains what a Realtor does (and doesn’t do), what sets you apart from mere "real estate agents," and what to expect when contracting with one.

Thumbnail of YRRBasically, you should have a pile of these on the front desk in your office.

Now we’ve made it even easier. (Well, cheaper.) The original version was a lovely green and blue, but as you know (and as we mentioned in the Accessible Tech column of Commonwealth) printing in color is a lot more expensive than printing in black and white.

So guess what? We’ve made another version of "Your Realtor’s Role" that’s done in shades of gray — perfect for printing on a black-and-white printer on the cheap. (The green one could come out kinda mottled in B&W.)

You can grab a hi-res, printable PDF from the Tools section of VARealtor.com, or just click on the picture above. Then head over to your local print shop and run these bad boys off by the hundreds.