I’m working on a story about how brokers can be held liable if a Realtor is in a car accident while using a cell phone (talking or texting).

I’d like your help with something.

Take these two pieces of info:

1. The idea that it’s not safe to use a phone while in a car (even hands-free) is slowly sinking in across the country.

2. Realtors often live in their cars, and cell phones are a fact of life.

Here’s my question: What are you doing to reduce your time using your phone while driving?

  • Do you pull into a McDonald’s parking lot to take advantage of Wi-fi?
  • Do you stop at a Starbucks every few hours?
  • Do you tell your clients up front, "I may not be able to talk right away, but I promise I’ll get back to you within an hour"?

I’m looking for anecdotes and best practices — things like, "When I leave a client, I use the time before I hit the road to catch up on phone calls," or any other suggestions I can pass along to readers.

How do you balance the reality of the job and client expectations?

Thanks for any ideas you can share in comments or by e-mail!