Meet your Residential Standard Agency course requirement online

If you want to renew your license, you need to take the mandatory three hour Residential Standard Agency course. That’s the law.

So why not take it from VAR, online, for 19 bucks?

We’re the experts in the law, and our online course is led by our legal superstar Blake Hegeman. You’re not going to get a better online agency course anywhere.

We’ve made is easy: You can connect with any device — desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone — anywhere there’s an Internet connection. A combination of slides and videos will take you through the new law lickedy-split.

Oh, and this isn’t some clunky piece of 1990s software. It’s created by ScholarLab, one of the top online learning companies out there.

VAR’s material, ScholarLab’s technology. and Blake’s presentation. You can’t beat that…and as a VAR member you can take the course at cost – only $19. (Non-members pay $29.)

Click here to go to our Agency Center and connect to the course.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This course requirement only applies to licensees whose license expires on or before June 30, 2014. If you have already taken the course for credit, you will not receive additional credits, as the requirement is that licensees take the course once prior to renewing their license before June 30, 2014.

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