Realtors® endorse Terry McAuliffe for Governor

McAuliffe-croppedIn a press release sent out today, the Virginia Association of Realtors® through the Virginia Realtors® Political Action Committee (RPAC) announced their endorsement of Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia. On August 20-21, 2013, both Mr. McAuliffe and Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli appeared before the RPAC Board of Trustees for separate and extensive candidate interviews. Further, each candidate submitted written responses to questionnaires developed for this race.

Following these interviews and an evaluation of all responses received, the Trustees voted to recommend endorsement of Mr. McAuliffe, on the basis of his strong understanding of and focus on issues critical to the health of the real estate industry in Virginia. The Virginia RPAC Board of Trustees is composed exclusively of Realtor members.

Below is the full copy of the press release:

Realtors® Endorse McAuliffe for Bipartisanship, Focus on Economy

The Virginia Association of Realtors, through its Realtor Political Action Committee endorsed Terry McAuliffe for Governor because of his focus on growing Virginia’s economy. The Virginia Association of Realtors® is the largest trade association in Virginia, with nearly 29,000 members.

“Having a strong housing sector is vital to ensure that Virginia’s middle class families can build financial security and I’m honored to have the support of the Virginia Association of Realtors,” said McAuliffe. “Working with both parties, I am committed to finding mainstream solutions to support the housing industry, improve transportation, strengthen education and make Virginia the best state for business.”

“Terry McAuliffe understands how important Virginia’s housing industry is to growing and strengthening the Commonwealth’s economy, and we endorse him for governor,” said Mary Dykstra, President of the Virginia Association of Realtors. “He promises to support policies that will make Virginia the best place to live and work, and we look forward to working with him to make sure that housing remains a vibrant industry in the Commonwealth.”

The group interviewed McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli prior to making the endorsement and thoroughly reviewed their policy positions.

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10 Responses to Realtors® endorse Terry McAuliffe for Governor

  1. Dawn M West says:

    Not all Realtors Endorse this person.

  2. Kenny Franklin says:

    I don’t endorse him.

  3. W Gibson says:

    …yet another reason NOT to give to RPAC…..The guy is a train wreck in the making for VA businesses and economy.

  4. Cathy M says:

    I don’t endorse him and am sad that the VAR made this awful decision.


    It is unfortunate that this endorsement, while allegedly in the best interest of realtors, also appears that the “association” believes in weakening Virginia’s right to work status and opening the door to more union control, higher gas and electric prices, higher taxes and the policies of McAuliffe’s friend, Barack Obama, which have been a disaster for small businesses and this country. I ask those who disagree with the VAR to make a contribution to Ken Cuccinelli to help offset this embarrassing endorsement.

  6. Dawn M West says:

    Thank You Bill for saying what I had no courage to say…. But I will gladly post this article from the Washington Post: & I am confused that the VA Realtor committee did not take note of this…. Very important investigation. I mean come on….., there is snake oil all over the place with this guy specially when you see the Clintons are within the layers of this investigation too.

    We also need to put our support behind EW Jackson for LT Governor too. Check out his convention speech from this past May:

    Now…. with all that said, I would also like to make note of this: IF the NAR makes.. no correction…., forces & threatens us with the loss of our Realtors statue to pay the RPAC fee again as they did a few years back? WILL we STAND up then?

    God Bless the State of Virginia & God Bless the United State of America!

    ps. I do not know about you but when I got into Real Estate 12yrs ago… right after Sept 11th, 2001, I got into this career to PROTECT the homestead for Americans.

  7. Bob Butcher says:

    As a working Realtor I continue to see the difficulties my clients, sellers and buyers, confront on a daily basis. I have met both of these candidates at public events and heard them at speaking engagements. Before this VAR endorsement, I had decided Terry was much more interested in working for all of us Virginians and less partisan. I am glad for the confirmation of my thoughts.

  8. Debbie Shickel says:

    While we may not agree with the candidates that VAR has endorsed that does not mean the we should not support RPAC as we also support candidates at the local level with our contributions. We need a voice at all levels as Realtors so that we can be heard. It would be nice to know what questions and criteria were used in the selection process by the Trustees. If you do not agree with who is endorsed then you need to make your opinion heard by working on committees at the VAR level and by telling VAR as members of the association what VAR needs to do for us as members. VAR on the other hand could ask for our opinions as members of the state association by doing surveys or town halls for members so that they know they are representing all members regardless of political affiliation. Just saying …….

  9. Rebecca Bulkeley says:

    This was a very poor decision by the Virginia Association of Realtors. Just look at the comments posted on the LinkedIN VAR site where many comments have been received. VAR needs to readdress this matter or risk losing more members together with their financial support.

  10. Mike Coooer says:

    Don’t include me in that endorsement. I’m terribly disappointed in the VAR.

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