Keep safe in September (and year round)

imageAccording to NAR, more than one in four real estate professionals are attacked or threatened on the job. So if there are 20 of you in an office, look around: Five of you are gonna be on the unhappy end of that statistic.

September is Realtor Safety Month — a good time to remind yourself and your colleagues to be careful out there.

NAR’s got a whole section of dedicated to that, in fact:

Besides good, general information about being safe on the job, it’s got some useful materials worth checking out.


If you go missing and your broker or colleagues have to contact the police, you can make the search easier with NAR’s Agent Information Form.

It includes all your important contact information (doctor, next of kin, medical conditions) and information to help find you faster (make and model of your car, how to get in touch with you). Have one on file, just in case — and attach a photo (an accurate, recent one).

Before you meet a client off-site, you should fill out an Agent Itinerary Form. It outlines where you’re going, who you’re going with, and when you’ll be back. "Allow would-be buyers to see you complete the Agent Itinerary Form," suggests NAR. "Make sure they see you leave it on your desk."

And don’t forget to include NAR’s Prospect Identification Form which contains important information about your client, including a copy of his photo ID. (Offer to make it while he fills out the form.) Filling that out might deter a potential ne’er-do-well, or it can help police track him down if something untoward happens.

For Brokers

There’s also a section on with presentations and materials just for brokers, containing stuff you can use at your next sales meeting… before it’s too late.

It includes presentations on office, client, and even home safety, plus quizzes you can pass along.

The 10-second rule is a smart and quick way to keep safety at the forefront throughout the day. How does it work?

A) Take 10 seconds to review self-defense strategies right before getting out of the car.

B) Breathe deeply and count backwards from 10 to gain composure before meeting new people.

C) Take 10 seconds at new destinations to evaluate surroundings and check for anything out of the ordinary.

D) If a client is late, give them 10 seconds past their scheduled time and then leave.

Remember: A quarter of a million real estate pros are attached or threatened every year. If you can spend a few minutes making sure you’re not one of them, isn’t it worth it?

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  1. Safety is a big deal and we should be always safe

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