This is a post about using better photos. In a moment I’m going to mention the "Bad MLS Photos" Facebook page. You will spend a lot of time there, so why not get that over with first?

Bad MLS Photos.

OK, welcome back.

You should know that photos are important in a listing. (I can tell you from experience that The Wife and I discounted almost every home we looked at that didn’t have a bunch of pictures.)

But Tom Flanagan, writing in Inman News, goes a bit further than "here are some tips for good photos." He explains that it’s not just the quality or even the content of the pictures. It’s also important to put them in the right order.

1. I start with a exterior photo. The entire home is framed in the photograph and I’ve utilized a twilight shot.

2. The front door and entrance.

3. The foyer – indicating to the user that they have entered the home.

4. The living room.

Check out his example and explanation, "Sequential Photo Order." And keep yourself off the pages of Bad MLS Photos.