Members of the military have some different issues than the rest of us when it comes to moving. Now NAR is offering a certification for Realtors who are specially trained to help servicemen and -women (and their families) relocate.

In Virginia especially, this sounds like not only important information to have, but — let’s be honest here — a solid way to market yourself as well.

How does one (that is, you) get certified as an MRP? Glad you asked; it’s not hard.

0. Be a Realtor.

1. Pay $195 (discounted to $149 through the end of 2013)

2. Read a 15-page document that provides information about military culture and acronyms. (You’ll certainly want to know what PCS and BAH mean.)

3. Take the one-day core course. Right now, it’s being offered by the Alpha College of Real Estate in Hampton Roads, but other schools are likely to provide it as well. (There are a couple in North Carolina as well.)

4. Complete two one-hour webinars — one on financing for disabled military members and vets, and one on the VA Compromise Sale.?

That’s it. Even better, the core course is also an approved elective for the ABR designation.

Once you’re an official MRP, you’ll be able to download your official certificate and purchase a lapel pin — and have your designation appear on all your marketing materials.

Check out NAR’s for details.