In a few days — on October 1 — the federal insurance exchange for Virginia will open, allowing Virginians who don’t have health insurance to begin researching the providers and plans available. (Remember, Gov. McDonnell opted out of having the state run the exchange itself, so the feds will do it for us.)

In short, if you need to buy insurance because of Obamacare, you can start the process then.

That said, what exactly is required under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare?

imageThe feature story in the October/November issue of Commonwealth spells it out for you: What (if anything) you can or must do as an individual or a business owner.

Because so many Realtors don’t have health coverage, the law is going to have a significant effect. But with so much incorrect and outdated information floating around, we sorted through it all to cut to the chase.

Even better, we’re publishing that article by itself — click here to read it online or download the (rather attractive) PDF for easy printing.

Not only that, we’ve convened a panel of experts at the Real Show who will also explain the law and what’s required, and more importantly will answer your questions.

The major facets of Obamacare will take effect on January 1, so use these next few months to review plans, make decisions, and be ready ahead of time. And, of course, stay healthy.