If you know a REALTOR® who’s under 30 years old — someone you think is a “rising star” in the business — REALTOR® magazine would like to know about it. NAR’s magazine is now seeking applications for its annual “30 Under 30″ contest.

What are judges looking for? REALTOR® magazine says

Several factors are considered—business success is just one. Community and professional leadership also are important factors. We strive for balance: We want to ensure we have a diverse group of finalists in terms of business niches, gender, ethnic background, and geographic location. Finally, we look for compelling stories that bring to life innovative business strategies that have worked for you or obstacles you’ve overcome. 

The contest is open to any REALTOR® who will be 29 or younger on May 31, 2014; the application is entirely online. Magazine editors will screen the 500+ applications they expect to get to 75-100 semifinalists. Those will be reviewed by a panel of judges and winnowed down to 50 finalists, then to 30 winners who will be announced in the magazine’s June issue.